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Yıldız Örme was established in 1983, and started out by producing knitted elastic bands, weaved elastic bands, and cords for underwear, sports wear, etc. By the beginning of 2020, we started to produce yarn and polyester within our own structure to become semi-integrated. There for we are able to produce with our own raw meterials and use it in our own products.

We currently manufacture for many sectors such as, home textiles, waistband elastic in all types of clothing, bag and shoe sector, and in maturnity clothing groups, folded bands in the medical sector, durible bands used in the packaging sector, special buttoned adjustment bands. We offer many products such as woven and knitted elastic bands, gipe, jacquard, tress cord, tipping, splash binding band. As well as tress cords and tippings, especially for sportswear.

Our factory is at your service with endless color options in line with you’re demands.

Our most important goal is excelent customer satisfaction that will provide you with high quality, and fast paced production tailored to you.

Special sizes are available for you’re products, and our production has the technological equipment that can respond quickly and effectively, to the urgent needs you may have.

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